Color Psychology

“You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully, your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.”

-Fred Rogers

Artists, designers, interior designers, UX designers, graphic artists, and the like… we love to play with color. There is a reason why ya know? Co-Schedule wrote a great article about the psychology of color in marketing. Check it out if you get a minute.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors are bright and cheerful. These are called “pure colors.”

Tints, when you add a lighter color and make one of the pure colors listed above more light and airy, tend to be less intense. Add dark, and it’s more intense.

Simple, right?

In design, I prefer high contrast for logos. I also prefer simple. I don’t like gradients.

When working with my clients to design a logo, I used color theory and personality tests to simply the creative selection process.

In my ever crossing worlds of the contractor, interior designer, criminal defense attorney, stylist, and of course, web designer, I found a wonderful article on that identifies Home Palettes for each MBTI Personality.

YES! A color palette for every personality type! I use personality tests for everything, so of course, I used the 16 personalities to organize my color palettes. I use this in my brand personality survey, and it really helps ease the creative process. I can get a brand built in a week and a website with 600 products built in a month. Pretty cool right?!

I wanted to share these color palettes with you guys. Take a look! See which ones you like.

Take the 16 personalities quiz. Then come back to my page, and see if your personality matches up with the color palettes here.

I am INTJ-T, and I actually really like the colors that match up with my personality.

Thanks for reading, and have a great night!

I hope this organizational system helps you in your journey to building a brand, logo, website, and other marketing materials.

ISFJ: Teal, Various Shades of Blue and Green

ESFP Navy Coral Gold White

ISFP Royal Purple Deep Blue White

ISTP Gray Orange Hunter Green


ENFJ Deep Purple, Pink, Gray

INFJ Yellow Pink Sky Blue Nature Green

ESTP Red Pink Yellow Orange

ESFJ Pink Pale Blue Light Gray

ESTJ Lighter Neutrals

ENTP Navy Turquoise Orange

INFP Soft Blues Bright Pinks Different Shades of Each in Between

INTP Dark Green Gray, Black

INTJ Earth Colors

ISTJ Traditional Neutrals

ENTJ Red Black Brown White

And, as usual, if you made it to the end of my post, you get a reward. A video of me singing sea shanty, whilel doing the cups song, and showcasing my logo creation process.

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