Is Your Contact Form Really Getting You the Leads You Need?

ASL? If you are a millennial and grew up chatting with strangers on AOL Instant Messenger in high school, you know exactly what that means. It is the original contact form. (It stands for Age, Sex, and location). mentions a good form should minimize the number of fields, as well as be honest about what it’s asking for. Build trust. “A new visitor shouldn’t have to give you their home address.” You would build a relationship and get to know a person n a bar before you ask them for their phone number right? Contact forms work the same way.

You should also offer incentives. Right now, if people contact me on my website, I will do a free SEO audit for them. This is an easy service that I can do in a short amount of time. It helps people, and it’s valuable. The risk and reward of sharing information and getting something in return is worth it.

The form also depends on the company. Gold Coast’s branding has been going strong for a year now and the lead quanitity is high. But the quality needed to change. I revamped the lead contact form to eliminate unecessary inquiries. Home remodels are expensive, and homewoners that don’t want to take the time to fill out the form, will orobably not be good leads anyways.

My company is very new and I don’t really have that many requirements for my next clients. As my business grows, that will change. But for now, my contact form is simple.

The type of lead you want depends on your individual business. This is why research development in the consulting phase of our program is so important.

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