Go Daddy Website Builder: A Review

If you are a new business owner and you are looking to get your sales online quick and easy, Go Daddy is a great option. Formatting for different screens is also automatic. Pretty much, anybody can go to godaddy.com, fill in a name, and build a site. It’s a great option for my customers who need a simple website, fast.

GoDaddy worked well for Gold Coast Solutions. I was able to build the portfolio, link to reviews, as well as create locked pages for employee portals. I edited the whole site on our office manager’s first day. She drove and I built a website in the passenger seat.

GoDaddy has a great feature with an optional chat box.

Colors and themes are easy to navigate and customize.

It is very easy to integrate the Yelp& Facebook reviews directly onto the website.

Downside: You can’t customize hardly anything in GoDaddy. Custom HTML, CSS is rough. As far as SEO and analytics, GoDaddy is VERY limited. It gives you a vague score, which means little nothing. I can’t track hotspots on the GoDaddy sites I manage (AKA CTA Traffic). I depend on Google Analytics and ahrefs.com to track website traffic, keywords, and queries for my GoDaddy Websites, which works well.

Whichever your website needs are, my easy five-step process will ensure all your business needs are met. Give me a call at 909-293-9635 and I’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

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