Do You Run a Purpose-Driven Business?

I had a professor in college. His name was Cory O Connor. He was passionate, energetic, loving, insane, and also just incredible. Those who graduated with me know who I am talking about and know the depth of influence that man has had on all of us. RIP. Cory told me that my daughter was my Raison d’être.

Raison d’être..


the most important reason or the purpose for someone or something’s existence.

Cory is right. My reason for being is my children. I am a better woman because of them. I am here to help them. Guide them. Nurture them. Protect them. To be of service to them. I believe I picked them, and they picked me. Loving my children helped me to realize my purpose in business.

My purpose is to be of service to those around me.

My purpose is simple. It keeps me focused on what is important. Being of service to small business owners looks like providing quality work, every time. it means working independently and not requiring a lot of time and attention. Being of service means that I must know my clients well and anticipate their needs. Having a solid purpose helps me to focus my business. It is the reason I only tale on 1-2 clients at a time. I like to do a really good job for those I serve.

Below is the purpose statement I created for my client, Gold Coast Solutions:

Here is a purpose statement I selected for a client

Gloria’s purpose statement:

And my newest client, Brenda: whose sit is set to launch in less than 48 hours!

So. What is it? What’s your reason for being? Your business will need a purpose, vision, mission. It will define the reason your employees should go to work, it will push you through the long days, it will be the driving force. It’s the touch stone of your brand.

If you’re stuck finding your why, you can watch this video and hopefully it helps.

I got this post idea from Stephanie Hitchins at She does a great job breaking down the why. 🙂

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