Why Do You Need Branded Clothing for Your Business?

The history of the uniform is a whole rabbit hole you can absolutely go down if you are into that sort of thing. ‘m into history and love to learn so I’ll link it here.

Uniforms unify the group. They emphasize a common bond, vision, and purpose. Everyone is on board.

Branded clothing, uniforms, and putting your business’s logo on goodies, help to communicate to the world that “we are all working together for a common goal.” This is important, especially in small businesses.

Formal uniforms are professional. They communicate you take your business seriously and you will care for your clients in a serious and professional manner.

Employees have to wear clothes right? 🙂 They might as well be wearing something that will communicate and resonate with customers and ultimately increase your sales. (That’s the point of all of this right?)

Uniforms also give employees and customers a sense of belonging. It helps them to feel cared for. As the temperatures dropped, Gold Coast provided jackets to employees. Very caring. But also, it has the Gold Coast logo on it! Because of BRANDING DUH!

When designing a logo, think about how to reformat it for clothing. The hats need to be embroidered. The t-shirts and the gradient did not work. I needed a line drawing. Also, think about the needs of the people who are being outfitted. If an employee has skin sensitivity or needs to cover up tattoos, long sleeve shirts and big-brimmed hats make sense. If you have a salesperson who needs to dress nicely to close the deal, a button-up makes sense. Don’t forget about your customers. Customers who love their experience will shout it from the rooftops and if you give them a hat, they will do it wearing your logo. Give away swag.

Think about the tools your people use, and how you brand that tool. Is it a pen, a mouse pad, earrings, kitchen appliance? Everyone needs to hand sanitizer and masks right now. Why have you not thrown your logo on some and given those away to your people for free? Probably because you’re a busy business owner trying to stay afloat.

I would love to put some items into production for you, at a very low, reasonable price I might add! I’m new to the game and looking for clients to help build my portfolio. Strike while the iron is hot and give me a call!

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