Website Design Trends of 2021

website must meet the needs of the website visitor typically need access to information as well as how to contact

Website loading, load time, easy user experience, multiple formats for different size screens, accessibility, contrast, read aloud, (AKA ALEXA!!!)… the list goes on of things you need to look out for while re-designing, or even simply just DESIGNING your business website. And these are just the bare minimum.

My client had very specific requests for his site. He wanted a cool video on the header. He wanted the site to be powerful, strong, and professional. I made sure that there was a sticky navigation menu on the side of the site, so someone could text, call, or email Albert instantly.

He services clients who are using the site quickly. If you are searching for a criminal defense attorney, you don’t necessarily have a lot of time to make decisions. You are also not broadcasting it to the world. His site needed to have a lot of information provided quickly.

I added a chat box to ensure people could communicate with him right away.

Finally, UX. What is UX? User experience. Some site visitors are on a computer, some an iPad, and some a cell phone. I had to make sure the site formatted perfectly on each screen. This meant cancelling the video for mobile because it slowed the load time.

If you need a website, call me. I will be happy to help you out. My research and development of website best practices is vast. I love getting to know new target audiences, users, and exploring how they find the information they need online. I want your business to be the solution!

Oh yes. And the trend for 2021! Here they are: I got this info from Bigger Picture Agency:

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Creative Color Combinations
  3. 3D Elements
  4. Asymmetric Layouts
  5. Voice Interface
  6. Photos and graphics
  7. Load time
  8. Smart Content

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