Host a Seminar. Land More Business.

Gold Coast Solutions specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodels. The owner was ready to jump to the next level of construction, which was the accessory dwelling unit market. I launched the business into this competitive market through experiential marketing. Event marketing allows three wonderful things to take place for a business:

Thought Leader: The seminar positioned the owner as a thought leader, in the field, and locally.

Networking: Local realtors, investors, brokers, as well as competing builders attended the event.

Target Audience: I also marketed the event to the specific target audience, which was local residents interested in building an accessory dwelling unit.

And it worked, because now the company has built 2 ADU’s and has 3 more in their pipeline.

JMI specializes in the details of event production and marketing. For this seminar, we created an ad and ran it in the local paper. We also created an Instagram account and a website. We created an event on event bright for registration. JMI also created an email blast and found local networking chapters to promote the event. We worked with an all-star mortgage banker who brought her own people and connected with people in our industry as well It was a high success. Day of, we catered the event, printed and distributed brochures, and created the presentation that was presented the day of. The sky is the limit with creative energy. If you have an idea and are ready for a team to put it into action, contact JMI today.

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