7 Steps to Identify Your Target Audience Online to Increase Sales TODAY

Good afternoon to all my favorite business owners!

In this post, I am going to teach you how to find your target audience so you can write more effective captions TODAY and make more money TODAY. 

Do you know your target audience?

Your ideal client. 

“Buyer persona.”

Who is your favorite customer?

That’s your target audience. 

I speak directly to that person when I write my marketing materials.

They trust me. 

I trust them.

We vibe. 

And then BAM

They give me their business. 

Really it has everything to do with building trust, and customer service. Your client will know they will receive excellent customer service if they see you understand them.

I have a pretty streamlined onboarding process for my clients. Before I can even get to work, they fill out four surveys. This allows me to work without having to bother my clients too much. They are busy as hell. Here are they surveys:

  1. 16 Personalities Survey
  2. Business Owner Mindset
  3. Brand Personality 
  4. Target Audience 

These are all available on my website, JanelleMaluenda.com. Go to services, and scroll down to “Get Started Today For FREE!” Today we are going to focus on Target Audience. Click the Target Audience Survey. 

If you fill out the survey, I’ll put together a campaign for you. I must warn you! I am slammed with clients right now and can’t start a new client until the end of January. So if you can wait, let’s talk and start to strategize. But if you want to get started making more money, to increase sales before the holidays, keep reading. 

I created this document for you. Download it and save to your phone. 

Or screen shot here:

Read, think, craft your target audience, and write a more effective caption TODAY!

I choose to look at 7 different aspects of my favorite client

  1. Demographics: Start with basic demographics, age, gender, income
  1. Professional: Next look at their professional achievements such as leadership roles, work routines, and how they define professional success
  1. Values: Third, and what I consider most important and most interesting, are values and motivation. How does your ideal client perceive themselves? What do they value, what motivates them to change?
  1. Time: Fourth, take a look at free time, do you think your product or service will lead to more of it?
  1. Online Life: Fifth, I consider online content they frequent, where do they spend time online, what kind of content do they share, why are they sharing it?
  1. Media: Sixth, what media do they love? Also what brands do they love? Think about why, and think about if you can emulate these brands. Usually it has something to do with trust!
  1. Your Product: Finally! Your product and service. What is the current relationship, what stands in the way of it from growing?

Here are some examples of ideal clients I have created for my clients. 

And here are beautiful pictures of my ideal clients!

Remember, if your clients succeed, you will succeed!

Have a great day! 

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