What do you need to build an effective, profitable brand?

Branding is the look and feel of your business. Effective branding clears all doubt in your potential client’s minds. It ensures consumers know, like, and trust your business enough to invest in your services.

Effective branding depends upon the practice of excellent design. Specific design decisions, such as color, weight, shape, and value convey the spirit and breathe life into your venture. Consistent design helps people become familiar with your business so they know, like, and trust you, and give your their business!

Effective branding is intentional and data-driven. JMI Branding is built upon 5 surveys: Target audience, product, and services, business owner personality, business owner mindset the brand personality. Research is conducted by a strategic and targeted team, trained in public relations, advertising, photographic and visual communication.

Finally, effective branding is designed with the values of the business owner and target audience in mind. Powerful branding is authentic and demonstrates a company’s values and reinforces the brand personality at every touchpoint. This can be done through consistent testimonials, transparency, openness, and authentic storytelling.

Here are some examples of the brands that JMI has created

JMI uses a campaign document to guide the branding during our campaigns. The campaign doc is a living breathing document that changes to meet the needs of the brand. Lucky for you, you have taken the time to read through our branding posts and now you can take a sneak peek at a few of our campaign documents. Shh!

1. Photographer

Below is the campaign document for our newest client. She is a photographer that would like to create a simple, clean, elegant, brand. We are using many elements of art deco to create this brand.

2. Contractor

Next is a campaign document for a patio contractor. We wrote the purpose, vision, and mission statements for this brand, and have been working to present this to their target audience through content creation.


We had to work to build a powerful, aggressive, but professional and trusting brand. We chose to do this through copywriting, powerful visual imagery, and testimonials.


This heat transfer shop owner needed to transfer more than 500 products, with 1200 variations of size, material, style, and brand from her Etsy to a stand-alone website. She needed a fun logo and a user-friendly website.

Online Course

This thought leader has inspired others for many years in her field as a stylist. She was interested in taking her ideas and creating an online course that is easy to access for all.


This mental health worker was interested in becoming a social media influencer in encouraging men and women to love and care for themselves through weight lifting, body positivity, and her story of recovery.

So that is a sneak peek of the campaign documents that JMI uses to begin to build a brand for our clients. Our clients have seen an increased awareness of their purpose, communicated this to their staff, inspired others to do the same. We have transferred that passion to pictures, videos, stories, and posts online to help our clients find targeted, quality leads, and an increase in sales.

We can’t wait to learn about your story and why you work so hard to keep your business up and running. We hope to be a small part of your success story as you grow and expand!

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