10 Tips to SAFELY Capture Stunning VISUAL Content for Your Small Business

Our audiences have limited attention span, access to more content than ever before, and space on the screen is limited. We have to make best use of the time they give us, which starts with capturing visually stunning and valuable pictures and videos. Here is what I do when I am responsible for capturing content for one of my clients:

  1. Read the campaign doc: I prepare a document. I share it with my logo people, social media people, content capturing people, photographers… I want everyone to have the same vision. My client approves of this document during the consultation phase of my services.
  2. Get into context of what is already there: Sometimes there has already been a rough draft made.  Sometimes your client already has content posted. It helps if you watch this because then you already know what the video is going to look like.
  3. Make a shot list: Here is a list of different types of shots. I like to have this available so I get ideas of different types of shots. Study these if needed. Once you are on-site, things will happen fast. Audiences have limited attention span, so your content must be visually stunning and value driven. Good shots are key to accomplishing this. 
  4. Schedule with Client: Make a date and time. Get the address. 
  5. Send and Wait for a Signed Release of liability: Make sure you have permission to photograph everyone. I have a link that I air drop or text to people’s phones that day. http://bit.ly/2Wzol3g
  6. Wear a Mask: Employers, subcontractors, clients, consumers, customers, everyone is at risk with covid-19. As a business owner, we must be responsible to communicate the important of being safe. Don’t put yourself or others at risk. Wear a mask when in public. 
  7. Bring and Use Hand Sanitizer: Keep it on hands use it regularly. Clean equipment too.
  8. Check for Fever with a Thermometer: I keep this in my car and check before I leave the house. This is something I do when working especially, to CYA. That way if some one ends up getting sick, at some point during capturing, at least I know that I was fever free. Log your temp using a daily symptom checker, here is what I use: https://forms.gle/6YBbFLrUPn3Z4EV19
  9. Be on time: this one is hard for me. I am trying! 15 minutes early, means you’re late! 
  10. Social distance: 6 feet is 6 feet people. Just stay 6 feet apart. 

COVID Compliance Small Business Partnership:

This is where I got my thermometer, masks, and all kinds of COVID-Safe goodies to make sure I am safe.

Shot List Ideas:

Scroll through and use these are ideas for different shots you want to take during your capturing

Here are more tips: 


Example of a Campaign Doc

Here is a quick review of the campaign document that I put together for my clients. I review this during the consultation portion of services.


Looks like you made it to the very end of my post. Which means you get bonus content. I took a class more than 10 years ago in visual storytelling. I made a small handful of embarrassing short films (MYSPACE ONLY RELEASE) that only select few will recall. I am sharing one of these completely embarrassing videos with you, because sharing my really old content seems to put my posts in high circulation. You guys like “chisme”, as my dear friend says, I think. My filmmaking style, music, and cut-a-way shots make the video appear a little more chaotic than it probably was in real life- but come on people. I was a freshman in college. Who wasn’t a little insane? Love me a good montage. That class taught me a lot about visual storytelling though, and they are principals that I still use to this day.

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