Happy Small Business Saturday. I have a Case Study Crush on AMEX and a NEW CLIENT!

“We’ve long believed small businesses are the fabric of our communities and recognize the essential and unique role they play around the world. The implications that COVID-19 is having on our small businesses is staggering and we knew that we needed to step up to help as they navigate through reopening.”

Elizabeth Rutledge, Chief Marketing Officer at American Express

Did you know AMERICAN EXPRESS started Small Business Saturday? AMEX starting small business Saturday is the perfect example of why user-generated social proof is key to growth. Identify the target audience. Meet their needs. Celebrate their success. I love this campaign and I believe in it with every ounce of my body. Here are a few things I love about AMEX’s Small Business Saturday Campaign.

A good campaign will stand the test of time.

In 2008, the financial market crashed. American Express Launched Small Business Saturday in 2010, to encourage people to shop with small businesses. The President hopped on board with a tweet that year. We have celebrated Small Businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving ever since.

2. Educate, inform, and empower your clients to succeed

Amex conducted research and shared it with businesses about the importance. of sharing small businesses on social media

On average, social media endorsements of small businesses generate 23% of revenues—or approximately $197 billion—new data from American Express finds. And 78% of the owners say that positive shoutouts on social media are a “significant driver” of business.


3. Be an authentic business owner who knows their ideal client and helps to meet their needs. Also have a strong brand!

American express positioned itself as a company that supports small businesses. They created stickers on Instagram, specific to the individual types of businesses they supported. Those businesses could promote themselves, while also promoting AMEX. Also, hello blue!

4. It is so important to identify the purpose, vision, mission, how & why behind the products and services you provide. And stand by them.

Blue Cash Business Card, for example, earns small businesses 2% cashback. You can get employee credit cards for FREE. There are no annual fees. They also give their normal consumer credit holders $50 cashback if they shop at small businesses.

5. Focus on, support, shine light on, and show gratitude towards your most ideal client

Right now, the underrepresented, minority-owned, businesses are vital to the country’s growth and recovery. We saw the way they showed up in mass numbers to vote in  Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. Amex honored that and put these groups in the limelight.

6. Build relationships with key influencers

Lin Manuel Miranda, Shaq, and other celebrities joined on as #AmexAmbassadors, and posted about their favorite Small Businesses this morning. This grew business for small businesses, attracted genuine, kind media attention to the celebrities, and ultimately, continued to keep Amex’s name and products in the background of a groundbreaking movement.

7. Do the research to utilize Search Engine Optimization and timely news headlines:

Small businesses are able to work with other small businesses to promote each other. Facebook Community Groups, Instagram Shout Outs, press releases, press kits, SEO, and good branding, helps other businesses to be able to promote you. Having a blog, a website, Google Business Listings and good ways to ensure your stories and headlines get picked up. I do lots of research for my clients. to ensure blog posts and headlines are timely, newsworthy, and relevant.

8. If your clients succeed, you will succeed

I think the most important thing I have learned from watching American Express’s Small Business Saturday campaign is that if your clients succeed, you will succeed. Assess the needs of your most ideal client. Hone in on what they need. Then pivot your business to meet those needs. Honor, celebrate, and empower your clients, and your business will THRIVE!

On the phone this morning with my newest client, Above & Beyond Patios

Happy Small Business Saturday to my newest client, Above & Beyond Patio Covers. This Small Business has been open for more than five years. The owner is passionate, he loves his clients, he has core values that have stood the test of time, and his work ethic has pumped life into a business that I believe in. It’s fitting for me to market a patio company. I love patio people. I love my patio. I am a patio person. It brings me peace, happiness, serenity, hummingbirds, plants, growth, life… Mike signed his digital marketing proposal today and paid his retainer. I am so grateful.

Small businesses helping small businesses.

Now I have so much work to do.


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