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Congratulations to our newest client for the completion of the No Drama Model program. The No Drama Model is the five step process we bring our clients through to fully learn about them, their audience, and their goals. It is a vital process. Thanks to this clients awesome, efficient work, we were able to create a pretty amazing video for the business.

If you are interested in working with JMI, please ensure you have a strong grasp of the following areas. Our clients typically do the most work at the beginning of our relationship.

Now for a breakdown of THE NO DRAMA MODEL.

The No Drama Model is the creative process we use to identify the purpose, vision, mission, target audience, jobs to be done, buyer persona, buyer’s journey, and golden circle for our clients.

Here is a breakdown of my process, to get a feel for what our services look like.

November 24: Digital Marketing Q&A

November We scheduled a free marketing Q & A. The Q&A is like an ice breaker. It is a “getting to know you”, part of the process. During the Q&A, both parties are getting a feel for if they are a good fit for one another. It helps if both parties have a good understanding of what they want. Mike told us about his business and what he was looking for. We drew up a contract outlining the services we could offer. He signed it. He paid a retainer. He got to work. 

December 1: Phase #1: Consultation

Once an agreement is made, we schedule an onboarding and a consultation. Our clients have to do most of the work at the beginning of our relationship. Mike had to fill out the owner personality survey. Business owner mindset survey. The Brand personality survey. Also the target audience survey. Once he finished his part, we got to work building his pre-consultation document. This includes Brand Words. An ideal client. Competitor Analysis including Google Page rankings, popular articles. Keyword Analysis. Current website audit. Google Search Queries. Mission, purpose, vision statement. Golden Circle. Jobs to Be Done Analysis. Buyer’s Journey Breakdown. Mission, Strategy, Plays, and Target statements. Mike and I went over all of this research during our consultation.

December 2: Phase #2: Campaign 

We got some feedback and made sure we are spot-on for his vision. We drafted the interview questions that we would be asking his customers, and Mike approved of them. He gave me their contact info. Mike let his customers know that I would be calling. Campaign building requires attention to detail, forethought, strategy, and planning. Both parties need to really think about the elements of the campaign, how the different elements relate to the target audience, and if the brand will achieve the goals.

December 8: Phase #3: Content

We called all three customers and interviewed them using the questions that were approved. Mike sent me pictures he wanted me to use. We also scheduled some content capturing. We also interviewed Mike. We edited the videos, sent them to Mike for review. Content creation takes the longest. We try to work quickly, but the quality of life, work-life balance is a value for JMI, and if our production team is scootering with their children, we don’t complain. Content capturing is phase that requires attention to the shot list, approvals, excellent pictures, stunning videos, precise copywriting. Content creation is the actual editing portion of the content phase.

December 20: Phase #4: Calendar

I created a content calendar for Mike, with the best times to post on each of his channels, as well as search engine optimized captions, search terms, and high visibility Google search phrases. I also give him ideas of what audiences are looking for online for the next few months. Calendaring involves putting together the plan for launch. Hopefully, launching the content is included in your package, in that case, you graduate from the No-Drama Model and move into your LIVE events program.

Now: Phase #5: Calculations

Now, JMI watches for the following: 

Instagram: Increase likes, comments, followers, engagement, clicks, mentions

Facebook: Increase engagement, reach, impressions, referral traffic, page likes & follows

YouTube: Increase watch time, traffic sources, playback, audience retention

Once clients complete the No Drama Model, it is important that the client and JMI work closely to evaluate the calculations and ensure the campaign is achieving it’s goals.

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