5 Tips for Creating Effective Outdoor Signs

Many of my clients need outdoor signs. Construction companies, attorney’s offices, sides of busses and billboards are all outdoor signs. Here are a few things I think are important when designing for outdoor.

  1. Color contrast: People need to be able to read what you are saying. Janell Shearer taught me about the value of color contrast. Black and white. Blue and yellow. Green and gold. These colors contrast each other and make it easy to read. Blue and black: not so much. There is no contrast AKA it won’t be read.
  2. Bold Font: Skinny mini fonts on outdoor signs just won’t do. People are driving. They are going fast. They need to see it in passing.
  3. Legibility: Lots of words, crammed together, doesn’t work. Long phrases. Paragraphs on outdoor signs are a no-no.
  4. Value: Pick the most valuable parts of your business, put it into 1-3 words. Call it a day.
  5. Speed: Your sign needs to pass the run by your sign test. AKA as have someone run by your sign and tell you what information they were able to take in.

When my guys post their signs in front yards, they send me pictures and videos and it warms my heart. Then I get in my car and drive by and my heart is warmed again. Oh the life of a graphic designer. We like weird things. If you need some signs for your business, let me know. I am happy to help you!

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