Do You Still Need Business Cards These Days?

Business cards date back to aristocrats visiting other countries and wanting to make themselves known… look up “Visiting Cards” if you will.

Business cards pile up, they get lost, they have to be scanned and archived and added to our cell phones. Are they really necessary?

I think they are good to have. Business cards give automatic credibility. They are easy to distribute and cheap to make. I made some for Gold Coast. We started with a simple replication of the new logo, but Joey wanted a silk card with a gold plate. Texture and business card success is also another rabbit hole you can venture down!

I like the cards that were printed. They are heavy and in a stack of cards, they stand out. WE get compliments every time they are given out, which is what you want. You want some one to react when you give them your card. It creates energy in their brain and further solidifies them to remember your business.

Cut to 2020 and the year of Popl. Here is a really great review of the product by Quizzzy:

I got a Popl and haven’t turned back since. Stick it on the back of your phone, or a key chain. People can put their phone up to yours and get instant access to your contact card, a text box, links to your website, as well as all your social media profiles. So cool. The downside is it won’t work with older phones- only those from 2019 and newer.

All of my clients get free Popl’s and I believe they are the way of the future. Let me know if you want one!

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