Personality Tests And Branding?

Personality tests help us to learn about our employees and clients. They inform motives, desires, purposes… it helps to bring to light which employees work well together and which ones don’t. Also, how to support employees in the way that is most helpful. It’s a streamlined ice breaker.

Color Psychology

Artists, designers, interior designers, UX designers, graphic artists, and the like… we love to play with color. There is a reason why ya know? Co-Schedule wrote a great article about the psychology of color in marketing. Check it out if you get a minute. In my ever crossing worlds of the contractor, interior designer, criminal defense attorney, stylist, and of course, web designer, I found a wonderful article on that identifies Home Palettes for each MBTI Personality, which is a survey I use to help me learn about my newest clients. I use the personalties to organize the palettes I find throughout the web. It helps me when I am working with clients to find a color palette they love.