7 Steps to Identify Your Target Audience Online to Increase Sales TODAY

I choose to look at 7 different aspects of my favorite client. Demographics: Start with basic demographics, age, gender, income. Professional: Next look at their professional achievements such as leadership roles, work routines, and how they define professional success. Values: Third, and what I consider most important and most interesting, are values and motivation. How does your ideal client perceive themselves? What do they value, what motivates them to change? Time: Fourth, take a look at free time, do you think your product or service will lead to more of it? Online Life: Fifth, I consider online content they frequent, where do they spend time online, what kind of content do they share, why are they sharing it? Media: Sixth, what media do they love? Also what brands do they love? Think about why, and think about if you can emulate these brands. Usually it has something to do with trust! Your Product: Finally! Your product and service. What is the current relationship, what stands in the way of it from growing?

The ABC’s of Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

You usually have to dig to find horrible pictures of people like this one I am just GIVING AWAY THE FARM! Thank you for reading my blog. Your reward is a picture of 19-year-old emo freshman Janelle starting her first blog. KMN The point of me sharing that is to show you that I loveContinue reading “The ABC’s of Blogging and Search Engine Optimization”