How to Move Your Etsy Shop to Your Own Website

Etsy charges for advertising, per click, per item, per month, per EVERYTHING. You are limited in the layout of your site, what products you can feature, and the look and feel of your company. Jumping off Etsy to a stand alone website is scary. Here are a few tips to help your process. Build aContinue reading “How to Move Your Etsy Shop to Your Own Website”

Heatmapping to Measure Effectiveness of Your Call to Action

One of the ways I monitor an effective call to action is heat mapping. Heat mapping tracks clicks, scrolls, read time, and movement on a website. It helps me to make decisions about what is working, and what is not. I eliminate waste on the website for an efficient and optimized user experience. Click the link below to see an example of the heat maps for my new website!

Go Daddy Website Builder: A Review

If you are a new business owner and you are looking to get your sales online quick and easy, Go Daddy is a great option. Formatting for different screens is also automatic. Pretty much, anybody can go to, fill in a name, and build a site. It’s a great option for my customers whoContinue reading “Go Daddy Website Builder: A Review”

Is Your Contact Form Really Getting You the Leads You Need?

Build trust. “A new visitor shouldn’t have to give you their home address.” You would build a relationship and get to know a person n a bar before you ask them for their phone number right? Contact forms work the same way.

Website Design Trends of 2021

Website loading, load time, easy user experience, multiple formats for different size screens, accessibility, contrast, read aloud, (AKA ALEXA!!!)… the list goes on of things you need to look out for while re-designing, or even simply just DESIGNING your business website. And these are just the bare minimum.