10 Tips to SAFELY Capture Stunning VISUAL Content for Your Small Business

Our audiences have limited attention span, access to more content than ever before, and space on the screen is limited. We have to make best use of the time they give us, which starts with capturing visually stunning and valuable pictures and videos. Here is what I do when I am responsible for capturing content for one of my clients:

Quick & Easy Customer Testimonial

My clients have to do most of the work at the beginning of our relationship. Mike had to fill out the owner personality survey. Business owner mindset survey. The Brand personality survey. Also the target audience survey. Once he finished his part, I got to work building his pre-consultation document. This includes: Brand Words. An ideal client. Competitor Analysis including Google Page rankings, popular articles. Keyword Analysis. Current website audit. Google Search Queries. Mission, purpose, vision statement. Golden Circle. Jobs to Be Done Analysis. Buyer’s Journey Breakdown. Mission, Strategy, Plays, and Target statements. Mike and I went over all of this research during our consultation.

Tips for a Great Client Photoshoot

Have fun! My client was giving off stiff energy, until I jumped into the shoot and started talking, joking, making him laugh. I pretended to be one of our buyer personas and was having him practice delivering my key messages. This is a great way to practice brand awareness with your client in a silly and fun way. Everyone started laughing, and I am betting those shots are going to be my favorite! Thank you to Albert & Victoria for such a great shoot today. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Why Your Business Needs Professional Headshots on Your Website

Portraits of your employees highlight the humans behind the business. They build trust and authenticity. Portraits, headshots, formal photos, etc… also look professional. They communicate to your customers that you and your employees take their services seriously. Finally, employees will complain about taking pictures, but they love it. I cater the day of the shoot we take pictures. it is a day to celebrate a successful business growing and moving forward.